Dear Graphically Challenged Marketer,

I won't shock you by saying that your header is the most important element on your website.

You surely heard of the expression «first impressions matter».

If you think about it for a second, companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook have invested fortunes
over the past decade...

...only to build a consistent brand image online...

And up until recently, having a strong brand image used to be a privilege..

But no more!

...a new wave of maverick entrepreneurs like YOU are changing the rules of the game...

by taking control of their own branding.

The issue is not everyone is taking advantage of this new wave...

Let's face it, you have mere seconds to connect with your visitor...

And setting yourself apart, consistently.

That's right.

Gone are the times where you could just 'slap' a quick header on Paint and expect everyone to be
impressed by the fact that you had a 'website'.

Yes the times, «they are a-changin»...

Now everyone owns a Wordpress blog, a Tumblr AND a fanpage and the only way to stand out is by
screaming out your uniqueness.

And from what I have seen so far, it's crystal clear that most people have been doing it wrong...

The truth is..

Your Header Design Will Make Or
Break Your Business

'first impression matters'

Look at it this way:

Needless to say, great design sells... know that, and I know that.

The only problem is...

Creating Alluring Headers
Is Extremely Difficult.


Truth be told, designing these does take professional skills.

First you need to figure out what the best image ratio is (and trust me this is already no mean feat).

Secondly you need to think about which are the best fonts for your designs and then find
(hopefully not steal) background vector images and label graphics to make your product cover stand out.

Finally you need to come up with gorgeous designs that can draw visitors to engage with your site
and trust your brand.

But don't even think about using Paint to do these...

You can try with Gimp if you are one of the braves..

but to be honest I wouldn't even recommend these sub-par solutions to my worst enemy.

Truth is...

You Don't Have The Money To Buy Photoshop,
You Don't Have The Skills To Use It Yet And You
Don't Have The Time To Master The Skills.

So what do you do?

You might try to hire a "header designer" on Fiverr...

... but I can safely bet you'll be handed yet another template, your cover will look cheap and you will likely
be fed up with "outsourcing".

Or you might even try to find a professional designer...

But who wants to shell out $99 for a single BASIC blog header design?

Designers usually charge a minimum of $99 for one single blog header design


For the first time ever, there is a
cheaper, faster and more reliable alternative

We Are Putting The Power To Create
Awesome, Stunning Headers
RIght Back Where It Belongs

In Your Hands

We created this product when we saw how many people were actually struggling with making a great first impression on their customers.

Not only can you overhaul your own header graphics across multiple platforms, now you can offer a highly in demand solution as an offliner.

Imagine creating a shiny brand new header for a client in about 5 minutes and picking up a tasty check for your trouble..

Or finally seeing your bank account grow thanks to your sales-shattering designs.

That's what we have been doing with this product and that is what you can start doing today.

Why waste $99 on one single design, when you can
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With an incredibly interface, hundreds of built-in graphics and
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So with that said…

Here Is What To Do

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