Create Amazing Header & Banner Graphics
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  • This Header & Banner Creator makes it fast, fun and simple to create a consistent brand online.
  • Create custom branded header designs in seconds for yourself and your clients!
  • 100 bonus header and banner templates to get you started in minutes. Training material.
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Create Amazing Header & Banner Graphics For Your webisites, Facebook and Twitter Accounts &
More In Minutes!
So Simple Even A Beginner Can Look Like A Pro!
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Your Header Design Will Make Or
Break Your Business!!!

I won’t shock you by saying that your header is the most important element on your website.

Surely you've heard of the expression "first impressions matter".

If you think about it for a second, companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook have invested fortunes over the past decade...

...only to build a consistent brand image online...

And up until recently, having a strong brand image used to be a privilege..

But no more!

...a new wave of maverick entrepreneurs like YOU are changing the rules of the game...

by taking control of their own branding.

The issue is not everyone is taking advantage of this new wave...

Are you having trouble standing out?Is your site suffering from an abnormally high bounce rate? Are you tired of fighting with designers to get that «right look» - wasting miserable hours instead of growing your business? Let’s face it, you have mere seconds to connect with your visitor...

And setting yourself apart, consistently.

That’s right.

Gone are the times where you could just ‘slap’ a quick header on Paint and expect everyone to be impressed by the fact that you had a ‘website’.

We’re in 2013 now. Yes the times, «they are a-changin»...

Now everyone owns a Wordpress blog, a Tumblr AND a fanpage and the only way to stand out is by screaming out your uniqueness.

And from what I have seen so far, it’s crystal clear that most people have been doing it wrong...

The truth is..
Amazing Tools for Your Business
Full-Featured Application
Why waste $99 on one single design, when you can
create unlimited high definition designs like these in minutes?
100% web-based
Get access online, there is nothing to download. Works for Mac & PC...
100% customizable
100% customizable
Choose your format (up to 1200x500px) and create headers for multiple platforms.
Simply click, drag, drop, edit and see your changes in real time. 100% #awesomesauce
Unlimited Undo History
Made a mistake? Fear not, undo and redo any actions from the software interface.
  • Here Is What You Get
  • Full Access + Training Material And Support
  • With your ridiculously low investment, you’re going to get instant access to:
  • Header and Banner Creator: create custom branded header designs in seconds for yourself and your clients!100 Templates : 100 bonus header and banner templates to get you started in minutes. Training material: How to use the software to create powerful headers and banners
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